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New and Updated - Version 5.0

Bye, Bye Version 4

After what seems to be forever (at least 6 years) I've finally got around to updating my website.

The old site was not responsive in any way, but now it is! I've included website projects which were not on the old version, also I've provided larger images for my projects, and outline views for vector images.

Far from complete

I have a long list of additions to complete (i.e. descriptions/roles for the projects I've been involved with). That will come in time.

Latest Project

Angry Pranks

Vector Illustration

I've been working on a project that to me is interesting, but as of right now I can't go into details.

More about it to come

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Portfolio Preview

(A Random Sampling of My Work)

I design and develop because I love to do it. The byproduct of loving what I do is getting to work with some amazing people on amazing projects. I have worked on many projects for some well-known companies, been published and even had an illustration featured in a nation wide commercial.

My portfolio displays projects that I have been a part of over the past 22 years. It allows you to look at the different visual elements from illustrations, logos, web/print, to the invisible elements such as responsiveness and functionality. I hope you find my portfolio inspiring and if you have any questions or just want to introduce yourself, contact me.

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